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How To Train A Horse – Gentle Horse Training

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How To Train A Horse – Gentle Horse Training

Article by Andrei Felix

If you want to know how to train a horse, you must understand the language your horse uses and you should also be familiar with the eight ground manners that your horse should possess. Click Here For Gentle Horse Training Instant Access Now!There are four common sounds your horse will make – nicker, blowing or snorting, neighing, and sighing. When your horse makes the nicker sound, it makes this soft rat-ta-tat-tat sound with its lips closed. This usually means that it’s glad that you’re there. When your horse blows or snorts, it usually means that it’s afraid of something. However, some horses will snort when they are excited and hoping that something good’s going to happen. When your horse makes a high-pitched, long, and loud sound, it is said to be neighing. This sound can mean either anxiety or confidence, depending on the tone of the neigh and the body language that goes with it. You can usually hear a horse sigh when it puts its head down and exhales a deep, sort of fluttering breath through its nostrils. Now, the eight ground manners that your horse should posses are the following: lead quietly in hand, stand quietly to have feet handled, accept paste wormers, get on a trailer, wait, be caught, and stand tied. When learning how to train a horse, you have to consider your horse’s well-being. Keep the lessons simple, and break down each of them until they are at its smallest component. This way, you are helping your horse to absorb the lessons faster and to retain them better. Also, make sure that your horse has enough power and energy when working with it. If you train your horse to the point of exhaustion, then it will be reluctant to be with you the next time.Consider all these things if you want to train your horse. A horse may be an animal, but still, it has feelings, thus it should be treated with respect.Click Here For Gentle Horse Training Instant Access Now!

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